Junos Show Hamilton Becoming a Cultural Capital of Canada

April 13, 2015
Pulis Team

Hamilton’s old industrial ties are quickly being released as the city takes on a new identity. The recent hosting of the Canadian music awards, the Junos, within the city highlights Hamilton’s changing face within the Canadian public’s mindset. The Junos provided a $12million boost to the local Hamilton economy and showcased the city’s ability to provide the ideal environment for arts events.

Hamilton’s image as a cultural epicenter has been carefully cultivated in recent years, as the city has begun a transformation that has yet to reach its peak. Policy makers are now recognizing the changes taking place in Hamilton. It’s a transformation that has led this year to a major increase in local arts funding by Hamilton City Council. The Council has recognized that investing in the city and particular the city’s now thriving arts community is likely to yield investment returns in later years and businesses open within the city’s revitalized downtown core.

A recent Conference Board of Canada Study showed that municipal investment in the arts can result in a yield of between $7 and $12 per $1 spent. And this latest investment is designed to add to a community already growing as a cultural leader across the province.

The city is already home to Theatre Aquarius, a popular entertainment venue that brings more than 120,000 visitors to Hamilton each year. There’s also the Art Gallery of Hamilton, which attracts over 270,000 visitors to the city annually. The increase in funding to the Hamilton’s arts community highlights both the return of investment potential within the sector for the city as well as the way in which Hamilton is becoming known for delivering outstanding artistic experiences to residents and visitors alike.