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Pulis Wealth Management LP1- Fully Subscribed

East 42nd St


36 condo titled townhomes located on Hamilton’s east Mountain. This complex has a mix of 2 and 3 bedroom units across two separate lots on East 42nd St. This acquisition strategy follows many of our previous; purchase, renovate, increase rent roll and refinance. The complex was built in the 1970′s and there has been very few updates to the interior of the units since then. Many are dated and in need of some TLC. In contrast, many of the capital improvements like roof and windows have been updated within the last 5 years. This allows us to focus all renovation on items that will add value to unit and to help us achieve higher rents.

Pulis Wealth Management LP1



This is a 17 unit 3 story walk up on Hamilton’s Mountain. This building may be dated but its bones and mechanical have been meticulously maintained by its previous owner. The building boasts large 1 bedroom units that once renovated will generate above average rents. The added bonus of this property is its potential ability to be converted into condo’s. The future conversion will cut the tax bill in half and add a significant premium to the value of the building.

Pulis Wealth Management LP1



King Street follows typical rehabilitation strategy. It is a 21 unit building near Hamilton’s downtown and sits on one of Hamilton’s main commuter arteries. The building had been neglected for years by its previous owners allowing the tenant profile and the overall condition of the building to deteriorate to a depressing low for any building lover. Structurally the near 100 year old building was sound, all it was going to need was some TLC and she was going to be good as ‘newish’! The plan was simple and calculated renovate the building both inside and outside making it both modern and timeless, then re-rent and refinance. Within 12 months of purchasing the building this plan was completed very successfully! She now stands proud at the corner of King and Holton and has received compliments from neighbors and city officials alike on its transformation. In the end we were able to increase revenues and the overall value to this property.

Pulis Wealth Management LP1



Victoria is a 20 unit building right at the base of Hamilton’s mountain access in the downtown. It was a project we took over from an investor that got in slightly over their head. When we took it over the building was vacant aside from 1 or 2 tenants and half of the building had been renovated. All that was left for us to do was add our signature to the pre-renovated units and then fully renovate the remainder. Within 8 months we had the building completely renovated and rented out. Also, as our good fortune continued, just after we closed on the property the Canadian Tire next door began updating its exterior completely cleaning up the look of our block.

Pulis Wealth Management LP1



Limeridge is a 20 unit condo townhouse complex. Originally we only purchased 19 of the 20. Slowly we are buying up the other two. One is already under contract and the other will be in the near future. This is a tired 1970′s style community that just needs some freshening up. A new parking lot, some paint and some landscaping will go a long way here. These units are situated on Hamilton’s mountain and can expect to receive a large premium on rents for this. This is a great project that will turnover a little slower than the others but we will achieve some significant forced appreciation rates when it’s all said and done.

Pulis Wealth Management LP1

Pulis Investment Inc. – Fully Subscribed



Millard represents a typical “buy and hold” strategy. Purchased in 2006, these two buildings needed nothing more than a good cleaning and some solid property management. Minor improvements were also made to the property including laminate flooring and landscaping. The most significant change however was in property management. Our tenant focused approach greatly reduced both tenant turnover and vacancy, while earning above average rents. A rent roll increase and natural market appreciation have seen the value of the property increase over the years.

Pulis Investment Inc. 

Britt’s Place


Britt’s Place underwent a dramatic rehabilitation from top to bottom. One of Orillia’s infamous downtown “crack shacks” is now a series of premium downtown suites with a bakery conveniently occupying the street level unit. The transformation of this building as an investment is no less dramatic than its physical transformation. With a six-month renovation and a new tenant profile this building has been able to achieve well above market rents. This combination has increased the value of the building significantly within this revived downtown location. This building is now running like a Swiss watch, while the tenants enjoy their beautifully renovated units in a downtown location by the waterfront.

Pulis Investment Inc.



Purchased in August of 2010. This 100-year-old building located in Barrie’s downtown art district is itself a work of art. Neglected for years, we immediately saw its potential, with many of its original tin-stamped nine-foot ceilings and bold mahogany trimmings still intact. Now 3 years past its transformation into a trendy downtown apartment for the city’s more affluent young hipsters. Our target tenant profile approach reduces turnover and vacancy, while earning above average rents. A building of this age presented early challenges, but the chance to create one of the nicest apartments in downtown Barrie from one of its oldest buildings was too good to pass up.

Pulis Investment Inc.