How we Work for You

1. General Partner Manages Portfolio

The General Partner will manage the entire Portfolio.

2. Communicate Updates to Investors

You’ll receive:

  • Periodic updates
  • Annual statements
  • Exclusive Access to Investor-Only Area of Website for
    1. Up-to-date Progress Reports
    2. Financial Information
    3. Referral Resources

3. Re-Invest Annual Earnings Potential

Annual earnings may be re-invested into the Portfolio to generate increased returns.

4. Refinance and Re-Invest Proceeds

The General Partner will refinance certain properties, as appropriate, and re-invest the proceeds into the Portfolio in order to generate further increased returns.

5. Potential to Sell Properties

The Portfolio of Properties will be continually assessed for profitability; some properties may be sold off in favour of reallocating capital to seize new, high-growth opportunities in the market.

6. Redeem Your Investment*

  • After 60 days notice given to Advisor.
  • Pulis Group sells your units at current fair market price
  • Proceeds of sale returned to you

*Certain terms & conditions apply. Speak to us or your Investment Advisor for more information.