Feel Good About Investing

1. Our 30-year History. Since starting in business in 1984, we have consistently built successful ventures. Our success never comes just by chance. It flows from an uncompromised set of values including an unwavering commitment to succeed. Failure is simply not an option. Neither is the status quo. We never sacrifice our reputation or long-term viability for the sake of short term gains. For us, a sense of purpose trumps blind ambition: continually thinking outside the box; maximizing efficiencies that minimize risks and increase profits. This thinking—proven time and again in the past—is what sets us apart from the others.

2. Our Power Team. We are serious action-takers. It should come as no surprise that we’ve attracted a team of industry leaders who have made real estate investing their primary focus. All the professionals on our team are themselves real estate investors—several are even authors and speakers on the subject. Having a specialized team with our real estate investment activities as its focal-point creates innumerable advantages for us. For example, not only do our agents call us immediately when new listings come up, they also notify us of potential deals well before the properties in question are even listed on the market. Our mortgage brokers are part of a nationwide network that bring us preferred rates and terms. The accountant we work with guides us in best practices that maximize efficiencies; he is prized for his knowledge and experience as a real estate investor, and is an author and sought-after public speaker on the subject. Finally, the advice our lawyers and insurance brokers bring to the table comes clad in bullet-proof real estate knowledge. With a team like ours, it’s obvious we’re not wasting anyone’s time.

3. Our Extended Associations. We surround ourselves with individuals that play at a higher level than we do, thus constantly benefiting from their experience. We are also long-time and active members of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), and don’t take the relationship we have developed with REIN’s team or its founder, Don Campbell, lightly. We have saved thousands and made tens of thousands more thanks to the guidance of Don and his team at REIN.

4. Our Track-Record of Proven Results. We have specialized in maximizing efficiencies on under-valued and under-managed properties. Time after time, property after property, we manage to restore value where no one else saw much potential. Still, we know we can do even more. Every successful investment simply adds to our conviction that we have what it takes to ensure that our tenants are provided with exceptional rental properties, all the while increasing efficiencies and growing the value of our investments.

5. Our Dedication and Integrity. We do not take the relationships we develop with our investors lightly. In this regard, our reputation and past performance is arguably the greatest factor to consider when joining us.