Here’s What You Need to Know

Focused strategy, reputation for integrity, and exempt market offerings distinguish Pulis Investments.

We offer qualified Investors unique investment products and services which combine the favourable returns of a proven successful real estate investment strategy with all the advantages of the Exempt Market.

What sets us apart in the minds of Investors? Pulis Investment Group demonstrates what’s possible when industry-leading real estate investment strategies and best practices unite with uncommon integrity, tenacity, and commitment to value creation: for all our stakeholders.

We consistently fulfill our commitment to create value—for Communities, tenants, and of course, Investors—via pro-active execution of a focused strategy.

Our Management Team personally defines and engages mission-critical target markets to maximize real-world earnings potential for Investors. Meaningful neighbourhood renewal in communities via desirable rental homes for tenants—in previously undesirable and/or undervalued buildings—is a prime example.

At Pulis Investments, we don’t outsource our Investors’ interests to a third party. Running our own in-house property management and project management divisions is another industry-leading example of how passionate we are about delivering Investors respectable ROI’s with greater consistency.

With Pulis Investments, you never have to worry about the value of your investments dropping overnight.

Generally speaking, real estate markets take time to shift. There are usually plenty of indicators ahead of time signalling impending changes in the direction of markets. This is especially true for the multifamily market space which some consider “recession proof.” This is Pulis Investments focus.

The founding team of Pulis Investment Group has over 30 years of business and real estate experience. From prudent acquisition and property improvements to thoughtful tenant and investor relations, our experience continues to translate into steady ROI’s for Investors.

Enjoy a relaxed, hassle-free, confident investing experience courtesy of our Team’s core values.

ROI is not the only way we measure success at Pulis Investment Group. Our Team doesn’t feel successful unless you feel completely satisfied with your investing experience, well before you receive your first statement. Numbers are important; but to us you’re much more than just an account number.

Email us; we’ll write back. Call us; not only will you speak to a real live person, you’ll be able to speak to one of our Management Team. A secure Investor Login provides transparency and full disclosure 24/7. Investor tours let you see your investments first-hand. Pulis Investments are available and accessible.

At Pulis Investment Group, our core values are reflected in our portfolio—and our reputation.

Exceptional homes for tenants, meaningful returns for Investors, a rewarding experience for all, all with integrity, passion and commitment…these are the values Pulis Investment Group is known for. It’s what we bring to this business; to our portfolio; to our investment offerings; and to Investors like you.

We can’t imagine ourselves doing anything else. Decide to become a part of our passion, and reap the rewards of our commitment: to you; to creating value.