Investing in Orillia

Lakehead University’s decision to open a campus in Orillia not only offered locals new opportunity for higher education, it also opened the city’s doors to students—new residents—from across the province.

Much like in Barrie, a significant number of students will tend to stay in Orillia following graduation. This will again increase the city’s population of educated workers making it more attractive to larger companies that are looking for a young, educated workforce in a forward-thinking city.

A growing population benefits towns like Orillia because they allow it to diversify its workforce, create better jobs and increase household incomes. A growing population also drives up property values due to simple supply and demand. These factors help attract investment dollars, which in turn play a key role in developing Orillia’s reputation as a blossoming community of young, diversified professionals.

REIN has consistently named Orillia as one of its top areas to invest. And, with an increasingly diversified workforce and job market, that reputation will only continue to flourish. As more people look to avoid the congestion and high cost of living in the GTA, quieter, cheaper alternatives like Orillia stand to benefit.

Orillia has become an investment hot-bed for people who prefer the feel of a small town, but appreciate the amenities of having a major city like Toronto within an hour’s drive. The city’s rising population and the expansion of university campuses will create tremendous opportunities for investment.