Investing in Hamilton

Canada’s former “Steeltown,” Hamilton is taking extensive measures to revitalize its image. Recent initiatives and future plans clearly indicate that Hamilton is looking to shed its Steeltown image for good, rebranding itself as a place for a younger, more educated workforce to call home.

Hamilton is the ninth largest regional economy in Canada. Not only does it offer a significant job market in administrative and industrial positions, but also a rapidly growing medical research sector that is looking to take the city by storm. McMaster University, which is already the city’s largest employer, has built a world class research facility that will help shape and transform the city as we know it. This research facility will attract a young, diverse workforce to the city; and more importantly, attract companies in related fields looking to utilize these facilities and capitalize on the cutting-edge research being done.

Hamilton is working hard to improve the city in all areas. They are upgrading their public transportation capabilities by adding a new rapid transit system and expanding their Go Transit services to Toronto. With these improvements, inter-city commuting will become much quicker and easier, making Hamilton a more viable option for commuters to the GTA—especially given the cost of rental housing in Toronto.

The City of Hamilton is also starting a number of investment incentive programs to revitalize the city’s downtown core, which has often turned people away from living there. The Hamilton Downtown Property Improvement Grant offering financial assistance to projects throughout the downtown area, encouraging investors to purchase commercial properties and turn them into residential ones. Multi-residential properties also qualify for the program.