Investing in Barrie

With a population greater than 135,000, Barrie is one of the larger communities just outside the GTA. Expanding infrastructure, exceptional health-care, excellent education facilities and numerous government incentive programs have routinely made Barrie one of REIN’s top areas for real estate investment.

The city’s expanding transportation infrastructure is also making Barrie increasingly attractive to young families looking to live in a suburban setting with easy access to Toronto. GO Transit is consistently expanding its services to Barrie with daily bus and train routes to and from Toronto.

In 2010, residential taxes were decreased by 4%.

Georgian College offers the city a young, educated and diversified workforce—a percentage of whom will likely stay in Barrie long after graduating school. This not only increases Barrie’s population of educated individuals, but also attracts investment which creates jobs and household income growth throughout the area.

About an hour north of Toronto, Barrie has become an attractive community for people seeking proximity to the big city, while still being able to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle.

Barrie has developed as a truly diverse economy in past decades through increases in the number and quality of jobs as well as major transportation overhauls. Barrie is also home to the youngest metropolitan population in Canada and is a perfect area for young couples looking to raise a family. Because of the increasing numbers of young people looking for affordable housing, Barrie’s rental and resale markets have remained fairly strong despite broad reaching concerns over the economic recovery.