A Story of Value worth Sharing

Begin with an uncompromising belief in creating value through real estate with real world values.

Pulis Investment Group set out to create value through real estate investing. We succeeded based on simple, yet rock-solid principles. Chief of which: stick to our guns on behalf of everyone who deals with us, and everyone will reap the rewards.

Investors, Tenants, Neighbourhoods & Communities—all benefit from Pulis Investments’ strategy.

Conventional wisdom told us “spreading ourselves too thin for the sake of tenants and the community would cost us and our investors.” We knew better. And now—after years of success proving out our approach—Pulis Investment Group can say with confidence: our real estate investment strategy works.

With a target market focus, in-house attention to detail and hands-on presence in underwhelmed, underserviced markets, we improve tenants’ quality of life, reduce vacancy rates and enhance neighbourhoods, thereby increasing property values and returns on investment.

A winning strategy for success is a good place to start, but numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Conventional wisdom told us “spending too much time and energy on stakeholders would distract us from the bottom line.” Our humanity said otherwise. Now our reputation for integrity, professionalism and approachability—earned over years of dedication to our investors—speaks for itself.

Execution with integrity gave Pulis Investments’ strategy real legs. Today, we continue to grow and expand our business to new heights, positioning the Company and all its stakeholders for even greater success, thanks to that same unyielding integrity and dedication.

Absolute dedication to measurable returns for Qualified Investors is our mantra; a valued real estate investment experience is our secret.

Conventional wisdom told us “producing ROI for Investors is the only priority.” And while performance alone may satisfy most investment managers, at Pulis Investment Group we’ve always felt how you arrive at the bottom-line is as important as the bottom-line number itself.

It’s what’s at work behind the numbers that makes the difference between just a transaction and a valued experience commonly felt by Pulis Investment Group’s Investors and other stakeholders.

We believe real success is something Investors should FEEL long before it’s measured.

Conventional investment wisdom will always be about the numbers. At Pulis Investment Group, we’ve always been about creating value for real people the minute anyone picks up the phone, walks into our office, meets us at an event, sends us an email or visits our website.

A boutique firm, Pulis Investments offers an antidote for the uncertainty, unease and stress of today’s world. We too were fed up with poor service, robotic communications, oversimplified solutions, and all the ways “the big machine” treats real people with real lives as faceless account numbers on heartless computer screens. From disclosure and transparency to personal service, we’ll be there.

Pulis Investment Group creates real value for real people via real estate: : it’s time to take our real-world approach to real estate investing to the next level.

Our unconventional real estate investment approach sets us apart. Our uncommon secrets to success allow everyone we have the privilege of dealing with feel they are sharing in that success from day one.

We continue to innovate in real estate investment, and our latest investment offerings for qualified investors take everything we stand for to a whole new level.

The principles we live by and the performance they produce continue to drive us to find new and exciting ways to create value—both measurable and intangible—for anyone we do business with and in particular, everyone who invests with us.