Our Story

Pulis Investments is a private firm committed to maximizing returns through prudent real estate investing.
Founded in Brampton, Ont., by real estate entrepreneur/mentors Brian and Kyle Pulis, Pulis Investments delivers value to investors by way of strategic acquisition of undervalued apartment buildings and townhome complexes.

The company is well positioned in the Exempt Market*, focusing on three key Ontario markets – Hamilton, Barrie and Kitchener/Waterloo – in executing its innovative business model.

“Hamilton and Barrie are experiencing revitalizations on which we and our fellow investors can capitalize,” explains Brian, who excelled as an independent investor and mentored others on multi-family real estate investing before co-founding Pulis Investments and inviting a wider audience to benefit from his expertise.

Adds Kyle, also a successful real estate investor and speaker: “The strength of Hamilton’s real estate market is well documented (click here for details), Barrie is home to the youngest metropolitan population in Canada and is a perfect area for young couples looking to raise a family, and Kitchener/Waterloo is a region that is bustling with aspiring young people connected with its robust tech sector.”

Pulis Investments acquires underserved multi-family properties (apartment and townhome complexes) in these markets and immediately conducts renovations that drive up rents and property values. The refurbished units are attractive to ambitious young adults, most of whom are new to the city, hail from the greater Toronto area and insist on living in a nice place.

The company manages its properties directly to ensure that there is no wavering from the tightly focused business plan. This approach overcomes challenges connected with the common practice of outsourcing key support services.

Qualified investors can participate alongside Pulis Investments with minimum investments as low as $5,000.

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* Exempt market securities, under National Instrument 45-106, are securities issued in Canada that are exempt from prospectus requirements and therefore require different levels of disclosure than a prospectus offering.

** Not intended to be relied upon to purchase securities. The highlights are for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation to buy the securities referred to herein. Offered only by means of the Offering Memorandum. Residents of Ontario must be accredited investors.